A Division of Community Development

The goal of the Building & Safety Division is to provide quality services to the community in a manner that is efficient, knowledgeable and helpful to the public. The Building Department promotes and insures that all new development in Calimesa is constructed in accordance with the highest standards of safety and that all existing structures are maintained in a safe condition. Building & Safety is responsible for reviewing plans, issuing permits, and inspections for all construction activities in the City to ensure compliance with the adopted California Building Code, Electrical Code, Plumbing Code, and Fire Code.


Building Department's Design Criteria:

Wind Speed:  130 mph

Exposure:  C

Seismic Zone:  D

Live Load:  20 lbs.

Snow Load:  Zero

Climate Zone:  10


Common Requirements and Applications:

California Building Design Limitations

Application for Building Permit

Owner Builder Acknowledgements Form

Recycling Requirements and Recycling Application

Solar Minimum Requirements

The Building & Safety Division now has documents and forms available through our website. Please visit the Documents and Forms Center to access these documents.


Jim Barrett, Building Official



Craig Sanchez, Fire Marshall



Norma Barrett, Permit Technician


908 Park Avenue

Calimesa, California 92320

Phone:  909.795.9801, ext. 226

Fax:  909.795.4399



7:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Monday through Thursday


AB 341 Mandatory Commercial Recycling


Beginning July 1, 2012, Assembly Bill 341 (AB341) requires all businesses in California that generate four or more cubic yards of waste per week to recycle.  In an effort to assist you with this new law, our contracted hauler (CR&R Environmental Services) offers a wide variety of recycling services.  Please visit their website at www.crrwasteservices.com for further information.


Your business may also donate and/or self-haul materials to a recycling facility. Information about California’s new business recycling requirement is available from the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) at www.calrecycle.ca.gov/climate/recycling.


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