"Platinum Pass" to a bright future!


In the Pass, all our cities have their own catchphrases, such as:


Calimesa:  "Refreshingly above the fray"

Beaumont:  "A progressive city with a small town feel"

Banning:  "Proud history, prosperous tomorrow"



And now, with "Platinum Pass", the Pass region has its very own phrase!  Stretching from Calimesa to Cabazon, including the Morongo Reservation, the "Platinum Pass" covers more than 135 square miles.  We are a thriving and integral part of the Inland Empire with great growth potential ("Riverside County . . . where the world does business").


"I am so excited about what is happening with the Platinum Pass.  Here in Calimesa you can find the hottest opportunities for fast-paced development and expansion, including existing buildings and vacant land for industrial, retail, and residential growth.  With Calimesa being able to connect to the Yucaipa Valley Water District's Brine Line, we are able to facilitate the needs of high-tech industrial growth and related job development. Calimesa is a great place to grow!" Calimesa City Manager Randy Anstine said.


Growing Region


The Pass has become one of Southern California's most important and busy transportation corridors, funneling goods and people all across the country.  Today, untold numbers of cars, trains, and trucks with tons of goods flow through the traffic interchange at Interstate 10, State Route 79, and State Route 60.


For more than 25 years, the Pass Economic Development Association has championed the notion of the Pass being its own region - neighborly and full of opportunity.  "By using a regional approach, we can accomplish great things for the people of the Pass," said Beaumont Councilman Brian DeForge.


Calimesa, Cherry Valley, Beaumont, Banning, Riverside County, and the Morongo Band of Mission Indians work cooperatively to create a bright future in a thriving region.  Today, the growing, prosperous Pass area has a population of about 82,000 and covers a swath of territory from Calimesa to Cabazon.  It's no wonder that the bustling region itself has come to be know as the Platinum Pass!


The Platinum Pass


Calimesa:  16 square miles

Cherry Valley:  8 square miles

Beaumont:  30 square miles

Banning:  23 square miles

Cabazon:  5 square miles

Morongo Reservation:  55 square miles


Platinum Pass = 137 square miles, or 2% of Riverside County (7,300 square miles)


Photo submitted by the City of Beaumont.



















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