In the capacity of the Calimesa Police Department, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department provides all municipal police-related services to the City of Calimesa, including criminal investigations and preventative patrol, responses to breeches of the peace, traffic enforcement and investigation and community-based policing to include neighborhood watch, and a proud collaborative partnership with the volunteer Calimesa Citizens On Patrol.



Captain Raya has over 19 years of law enforcement experience. He was promoted to the rank of Captain on February 24, 2012. He joined the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in 1994, where he began his career at the Robert Presley Detention Center in Riverside.  In 1996, he transitioned to the contract City of Perris, where he worked patrol operations, before transitioning to the Community-Oriented  Problem Solving unit for the communities of Mead Valley and Sun City.

In 2000, Captain Raya transferred to the Sheriff’s Investigative Bureau, where he investigated major narcotic cases at the ranks of deputy and investigator.  In 2002, Captain Raya promoted to Sergeant and served at the Jurupa Valley Station and the Ben Clark Public Safety Training Center.  In 2007, he was promoted to Lieutenant.  At the rank of Lieutenant, Captain Raya served the Moreno Valley Police Department, the Ben Clark Public Safety Training Center, and the Hemet Sheriff’s Station.  His experience includes patrol operations, investigations, administrative operations, and training. In 2012, following his promotion to Captain, he assumed command of correctional facilities in Blythe, Indio and Riverside.

Captain Raya will command all aspects of Cabazon Sheriff’s Station operations to include patrol, administration, investigations, search and rescue operations, the Sheriff’s volunteer posse and coordinator of the Departments entire K-9 program.  In addition, Captain Raya will also serve as the contract Chief of Police for the City of Calimesa and Chief contract law enforcement officer for contract services provided to the Morongo Indian Reservation.  The Cabazon Station also provides law enforcement services to the residents within 503 square miles that include the communities of Windy Point, Whitewater, Cabazon, the unincorporated areas of Banning and Beaumont, Twin Pines, Poppet Flats, San Gorgonio, San Timoteo Canyon, and Cherry Valley. 

Captain Raya possesses a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership from BIOLA University, a Master of Arts Degree in Management from the University of Redlands, and is a graduate of the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute.  He also instructs for the Moreno Valley College.  

Captain Raya and his wife Rachel reside in the City of Rancho Cucamonga with their two children.


 Geoffrey Raya, Captain


 Phone:  951.922.7100

 50290 Main Street

 Cabazon, California 92230





It is a tremendous honor to serve the City of Calimesa. As a long time public servant, I realize where much responsibility is given, much is required in return.  I along with your police department will work diligently to prioritize your needs, always recognizing the significant role we play in the safety and security of the community.



The Calimesa Police Department is committed to providing a safe environment for our citizens. Calimesa has a large number of senior citizens, many of whom live alone with little or no friends or family in the area.


The Y.A.N.A. Program is designed to provide a free daily "check-in" service for residents of Calimesa with limited family or community contacts and assistance. Daily calls are conducted by the Calimesa Citizens On Patrol volunteers, as well as volunteers from the Norton Younglove Senior Center.


For more information, please call (909) 795-0054.  If you are interested in participating in this program, please complete the Y.A.N.A program application and waiver forms.


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