Boards & Commissions

The City Council has established a number of Committees, Commissions and Boards to review City programs, projects and community issues. These groups provide greater community participation and input into local government and facilitate quality decisions by the City Council. This handbook, designed as an informational tool, has been prepared to inform the residents of Calimesa of the opportunities for citizen participation in local government through citizen advisory Committees. It includes basic information about the purpose, responsibilities, and qualifications for membership and how to apply for a City Commission, Committee or Board.

Serving as a Member

By serving on a City advisory Committee, Commission or Board, you can participate in planning the future of Calimesa. Many of these Committees, Commissions or Boards are making recommendations that will greatly affect life in Calimesa. It is important that prospective members of our Commissions clearly understand the functions and responsibilities of membership before actively seeking appointment. A great deal of personal satisfaction may be received from public service, and the knowledge and experience gained will be invaluable.

How to Apply

Residents of Calimesa interested in serving on a Committee, Commission or Board should fill out a Citizen Service Application (PDF). Feel free to include a resume or other information you feel would help the City Council to decide which Committee could use your expertise. For further information or additional application forms, contact the City Clerk's Office, 908 Park Avenue or call 909-795-9801, ext. 233.