Police Services

In the capacity of the Calimesa Police Department, the Riverside County Sheriff's Department provides all municipal police-related services to the City of Calimesa, including:

  • Criminal investigations and preventative patrol
  • Responses to breeches of the peace
  • Traffic enforcement and investigation and community-based policing to include neighborhood watch
  • Proud collaborative partnership with the volunteer Calimesa Citizens On Patrol

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Program

The Calimesa Police is inviting citizens and business owners of Calimesa, to take part of a free program known as Crime Prevention through Environmental Design, or CPTED (Pronounced SEP-TED). The purpose of CPTED is to improve the safety and security of businesses and private residences, and to discourage burglaries and other crimes. Residents and business owners can schedule a CPTED evaluation and a trained Deputy or Community Service Officer will come to their place of residence or business and provide a free evaluation of their property. 

After the evaluation, Police Department personnel will suggest improvements and show citizens how to deter criminal behavior by improving lighting, landscaping, visibility, signage, access control and activity around the property. By improving the environmental design, we hope to prevent someone from becoming a victim of a crime. 

The CPTED program is free of charge. Anyone interested in having a CPTED evaluation done at their residence or place of business may contact Sergeant Carlberg at 951-922-7100 to make a request. A Deputy or a Community Service Officer will contact you to set up an appointment.