Mobile Home Rent Stabilization Board


Mobile Rent Stabilization Board meets on an as-needed-basis and are held in the Norton Younglove Senior Center, 908 Park Avenue, Calimesa, CA 92320.

Agendas & Minutes

View the agendas and minutes for the Mobile Home Rent Stabilization Board.


  • Vacant (Park Resident Representative)
  • Vacant (Park Owner Representative)
  • Vacant (Citizen At Large 3-year term)
  • Vacant (Citizen At Large 2-year term)
  • Vacant (Citizen At large 1-year term)
  • Vacant (Park Owner Alternate)
  • Vacant (Park Resident Alternate)

Staff Liaison

Darlene Gerdes, Deputy City Manager/City Clerk


The Mobile Home Rent Stabilization Board is responsible for:

  • Examining any rental agreement submitted to the Board by any party to the rental agreement for the purpose of determining whether the space is subject to rent control under this chapter when reviewing a petition for a rent adjustment. 
  • Receive, investigate, conduct hearings on and approve, conditionally approve or disapprove petitions for, or protests against, adjustments of rents in mobile home parks. 
  • Conduct studies, surveys, investigations and public hearings and obtain information as may be necessary to carry out its duties. 
  • Subject to the approval of the City Council, to adopt, promulgate, amend and rescind such administrative rules and regulations as the Board finds reasonable and necessary for the conduct of its affairs and to implement and administer the provisions of the Ordinance. (Established by Municipal Code Chapter 9.05)