Public Works/Engineering

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintenance and improvements for the City's entire infrastructure. This includes:

  • Storm drains
  • Sewage collection system
  • Traffic signals
  • Parks
  • Median island
  • Roadways
  • Facilities

The department also manages the solid waste and recycling programs as well as the City's storm water program. 

Public Works is committed to providing efficient and cost-effective services involving the engineering, maintenance, and operation of public facilities and equipment. The City Engineer provides the following: 

  • Capital project management (design, construction, contracting and inspecting)
  • Transportation engineering
  • The engineering portion of development services
  • Freeway liaison with CALTRANS, RCTC, and WRCOG
  • Liaison with County flood control district
  • Street reconstruction
  • Sidewalk repair, replacement or installation

Please review our Public Works Standards (PDF) for projects within the City and the BIA Directional Sign Program (PDF). You can also visit the Document Center to view additional documents.

Street Sweeping Services

CR&R provides the City's street sweeping services. For information including haul route and schedule, please visit the CR&R website.

AB 2048 Solid Waste Franchise Agreement

Requires a jurisdiction or a public agency to post on its internet website all current franchise agreements between contract solid waste and recycling haulers.  The City of Calimesa contracts with CR&R, Incorporated for solid waste services.  The current franchise agreement is available at the following link:

Solid Waste Franchise Agreement with CR&R, Inc. (PDF)

SB 1383 - Organics Recycling Collections

Starting January 1, 2022 Organics Waste Collection Services will be mandatory throughout the State of California for information.

SB1383 requires the City to post contact information for food recovery organizations on the City's website so that commercial edible food generators can identify which organizations could potentially accept thier food.  The following lists those organizations:

AB 341 Mandatory Commercial Recycling

Beginning July 1, 2012, Assembly Bill 341 (AB341) requires all businesses in California that generate 4 or more cubic yards of waste per week to recycle. Information about this requirement is available at the CalRecycle website.

AB 1826 Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling

Beginning January 1, 2019, Assembly Bill 1826 (AB 1826) requires all businesses that generate 4 cubic yards or more of commercial solid waster per week 

In 2019, both AB 341 and AB 1826 were amended through AB 827. AB 827 is intended to educate and involve consumers in achieving the state's recycling goals by requiring businesses subject to MCR and/or MORe to make recycling and/or organic recycling bins available to customers.

In an effort to assist you with these new laws, our contracted hauler (CR&R Environmental Services) offers a wide variety of recycling services. Please visit their website for further information.

Your business may also donate and/or self-haul materials to a recycling facility.

Hazardous Waste

Riverside County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Programs are available to Calimesa residents. Visit their website for more information. 

County Vector Control District 

Notice of Intent to apply public health pesticides for vector control purposes (PDF)