GeoViewer™ is a Geographical Information System (GIS), which provides detailed information about properties from a spatial perspective. Enter a street address or an Assessor's Parcel Number (APN) in the search window to locate a particular property and view the following types of information:

  • Road maps
  • Aerial color photography
  • Parcel information
  • City boundaries
  • Land use and zoning
  • Trails and trailheads
  • Flood maps
  • Census tracts
  • Specific Plans for Summerwind Ranch and Mesa Verde Estates

How to Use GeoViewer

  1. Click "Earth Box" to change the map view, e.g. aerials only
  2. Click "print" to print a copy of the map
  3. Click "help" to see more detailed help information

TIP Number 1

Identify a specific property without an address or APN - zoom to a scale where parcel lines are visible, place your cursor inside the parcel boundary, and click the left mouse button. The property information will display to the left and include a photo of the property, the property address and APN, as well as property details, property summary, zoning, environmental, census and driving directions.