Weed Abatement

Abatement of Weeds, Flammable Vegetation and Other Combustible Matter

Calimesa Municipal Code Sections:

8.10.010    Findings and declarations.

8.10.020    Definitions.

8.10.030    Duty to abate weeds, flammable vegetation, and other combustible matter.

8.10.040    Exemptions.

8.10.050    Notice to abate.

8.10.060    Immediate fire hazard.

8.10.070    Appeal procedures.

8.10.080    Removal by city.

8.10.090    Demand for payment and notice of special assessment.

8.10.100    Special assessments and liens.

8.10.110    Hazard reduction subscription program.

8.10.120    Legal action and attorneys’ fees.

8.10.130    Penalty for violation of chapter.