Wendy Hewitt

City Council
Title: Mayor Pro Tem
Phone: (909) 795-9801
OVP_0019a - Hewitt reduced

Council Term: 2020-2024


"I have lived in Calimesa since 1991 and not only consider it my home, but also brag about its unique atmosphere to people everywhere.  Calimesa is growing now and somehow it retains it's small town atmosphere.  As a mother of three and active volunteer in the Calimesa Chamber of Commerce, I have witnessed the dedication necessary to help a community come together and thrive.  My experience on a state executive committee of a political party has given me valuable knowledge in parliamentary procedure and persuasive skills.  I have very strong principles as to the role of government and believe we can keep it limited while accomplishing the services we all demand.  Calimesa is entering a very exciting and pivotal movement in it's history and I believe we can achieve and maintain safe neighborhoods, good streets and infrastructure and policies that protect our citizen's individual rights."


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